5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Website

Too many times, I’ve met people who demand to have a website for their businesses. As a freelance web designer and publicist, I always had to advise that websites are a necessity. But after a while, I had to give up web designing, and confess the real issue:

Not everyone really needs a website.

  1. There Are Social Networks Made Just For You

    If you’re a restaurant, you’re probably thinking, “I need people to find me online, donwnload my menu, and call us for reservations, deliveries, etc.” You’re half right, and you’re not wrong. Many big restaurants have websites, and everyone wants their kind of attention, but it’s more hassle than one can imagine. If you’re a mom-and-pop shop, chances are, all you need is people to call your shop, and deliver away. A website will demand more than just your customers, but yourself. You’ll have to check on your emails, see if people commented, and when you’ve become heavily reliant on your site for everything; chances are, you might actually ignore your business, especially when a server crashes. Your best bet is to get on GrubHub or Eat24, or some equivilence to them, and let them market for you. They have apps people order from, a payment system, and usually a staff of one to five hundred people to prevent any server crash or other problems. And if you’re not a restaurant, you’ll probably face the same issues too.computerfrustration

  2. Because You’re A Technophobe

    People like killing the middle man, so understand that you’ll be making a lot of threats against your web designer or publicist over things you’ll never understand. For all you know, they’re jipping you of $500, and for some reason you’re website is not paying the bill. You’ll demand for them to come over to your house frequently, fix your iPhones, and maybe even join you shopping for your next DSLR…whatever that is. More than likely, what you’re asking for is either Facebook or Geek Squad, your website may not be for you.

  3. SEO Is Not As Effective

    I don’t care what people are telling you, SEO is an old business that’s been obselete since Snapchat. The problem with SEO is that it constantly fights against the newer algorithms online. To explain, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, meaning, it finds things faster on the internet. Algorithms, on the other hand, automates SEO according to the user. So suppose you want your business found, the algorithm will pop your brand and address to that user who so happen to like what you’re selling. People stopped searching on Google thanks to this. Hiring freelancers to manipulate it won’t make any easier, after being spoiled with such conveniences. In fact, you might even deter people from contacting you, seeing as you’ll be irrelevant in their list of interest. Even YouTube has an Ad Remover thanks to how invasive marketers have become…3202-create-an-online-store-1and1

  4. A Website Is Suppose To Be Your Manager

    A Secretary is valuable because that employee will answer phone calls, letter, visiting clients, and schedule your whole month for you. And if your site is doing less than that, then you are getting jipped! Most people believe that your site is made for clients to call, and it’s made to attract people to your service. No. That’s a business card, that’s a flyer, an agent, a publicist. Everything but a website. Websites explain your service, answer people’s questions, it may allow them to contact you, but it should also allow you to confirm when that should be. It is convenience in a screen. Websites are now easier to maneuver on your phone, it connects to incredible apps, like Google Maps and Twitter, and it helps people entertain themselves without you being there. In short, your website should be your Manager, not your other job. You’re being insufficient if you’re not making it work for you.html.jpg

  5. Your Business Is Not A Web Company

    To be frank, anyone can have a website. Some build companies online, and some build brick and mortar – it’s up to you. This isn’t to discourage anyone from progressing their client base internationally with the reach of the internet, nor will it blame insufficiencies in any industry. On the contrary, this is made to ask you, the reader, the entrepreneur, “Why?” Because some people really can’t stand using the internet, and it’s all right to say, “That’s fine.” There are alternatives, and not everyone needs to hire a Web Designer or a Publicist. If you don’t create your own site, then simply create an account in a network that people use, and be reached. Because that’s all you need, right?


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